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“Discovering Chongqing, Learning at CTBU”


“Outside the farewell pavilion meanders an ancient road,

         Into the horizon lush grass has sowed....”

With the song Farewell preformed by the teachers and students from China and Thailand, it came to the end of the short-term culture camp. This was the first time to host high school teachers and students from Thailand to CTBU in the culture program.

The program lasted for 2 weeks with colorful activities. The teachers and students learned the Chinese language, had cultural experience like calligraphy, martial arts, etc., made city tours. In closing ceremony, the Thai students made presentations of their experience and reflection, expressing their love to the city and gratitude to teachers. And they also expressed their wishes to come back for further study.

The high schools where the Thai students came from had been offering Chinese language courses for years. This short-term program helped the participants improve their understandings of China and Chinese culture.


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