3. Diet

There are five canteens on the campus and international students can choose meals from the varieties of food. And there are many good restaurants off campus in the nearby community.

Special reminder: Running water should be boiled before drinking. Please pay attention to the food you are going to eat if you are allergic to some ingredient.


1Meal card

You will get a meal card on entrance registration, which can be used in campus canteen, to borrow books from the library(only for degree program student), to pay for network service, to take school bus and also for consumption in any places on campus where the card is effective.

This card is rechargeable at any recharging point in all the campus canteens and the closest point to the Foreign Student Apartment is on the 1st floor of Juyuan Canteen. The recharging procedures are as follows: Write down on the recharging note your name, the number of Card and the amount you need to put in, and hand the card, money and the note over to the staff member, followed by recharging.

2Campus canteen

There are five canteens, ie Juyuan, Xiaoyuan, Lanyuan, Songyuan and Cuiyuan, providing breakfast, lunch and supper, and their opening time is as below: 7:00-9:00 for breakfast, 11:00-13:00 for lunch and 17:00-19:00 for supper.

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