2.Transport facilities

1Off-campus transport —Buses, taxes, light rail transit and subway

CTBU enjoys convenient public transport. You can go to major business areas and shopping centers inChongqingvia Busesat Wugongli Bus Stop which is just at the university gate.

Taxi is a more convenient transport. When taking a taxi, please pay the fare as indicated by the meter and remember to keep the receipt for possible use later to look for the cab in case that any of your belongings should have been left therein. A taxi starts at a fare of 8yuan, with 1.8 yuan added for each km after the first 3 km.

The light rail transit and subway are important part of the rail transport system inChongqing. The light rail at the university gate leads directly to the international airport and railway station ofChongqing.


2Campus transport—School bus

School bus is the major transport on the campus. There is a school bus station close to International Student Apartment. It just cost 1 RMB to get to any place on campus with your meal card. (2 RMB in cash)

Operation time: 7:30-22:00

3Traffic guide

Vehicles run on the right side inChina, the same as inNorth Americaand most European countries. For students from countries such asUK,Japan,Thailand, etc., additional attention is needed. To drive a car, you must have a legal Chinese driving license and any foreign license is not valid herein.

It is not allowed to drive motorcycles on campus and driving is forbidden after alcohol drinking.

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