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Delegation of National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia Visited CTBU

Nov. 11, led by president Mr. Bun Phearin, a delegation of the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIoA) paid a visit to CTBU. President of CTBU, Prof. SUN Fangcheng, and vice-president of CTBU, Prof. GOU Chaoli, met with the delegation. Leaders from International Cooperation and Exchange Office and relevant schools participated in the meeting.

On behalf of CTBU, Prof. Sun extended a warmest welcome to the delegation, and gave a brief introduction of CTBU to the guests. Mr. Bun Phearin expressed gratitude to the warm reception, and wished to take the opportunity to establish multiple cooperation between two parties. Prof. Gou exchanged views with the delegation of NPIoA on faculty training, visiting scholars, and students exchange. The two sides discussed programs of 2+1 double degree and 3+1 double degree in Hospitality Management, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering for NPIoA students. To promote the cooperation, a MOU was signed between the two universities.

Founded in 2005, NPIoA is the largest public university in Cambodia. As a center for vocational training and higher education in Cambodia, the institute focuses on developing students’ innovational spirit and practice skills.

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