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School of Politics and Social Development

The School offers two undergraduate programs in Social Work and Labor & Social Security. It houses a range of research institutes represented by the Institute for University Student Development, the Institute for Applied Sociology and the Laboratory of Mental and Behavioral Test. The School boasts a number of courses recognized by the municipality of Chongqing as outstanding courses; these distinctions include 1 Key Discipline, 1 Key Course, and 1 Excellent Course of Chongqing. The school attaches importance to international cooperation and has garnered desired results from such cooperative efforts.

The undergraduate programs of Social Work and Labor & Social Security are exemplary programs in Chongqing. Both of them follow international practice. They are highly effective in social undertakings and social development applications. To better serve the community in the future, students are encouraged to develop all-round abilities, and a vibrant and stimulating environment has been created. The students have been regular winners of prizes in various contests.

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