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School of Literature and Journalism

The School began in 1978 and has a 30-year history. It offers four

undergraduate programs in Chinese Language & Literature, Journalism,

Broadcast & TV News and Advertisement, as well as two postgraduate

programs in Mass Communication and Chinese Ancient Literature.

The School has a municipal-level “Key Course.” It houses

research institutes such as the Bayu Culture Research Center, the

Language Research Center and the Research Institute of Communication

Theories and Their Applications.

 Students are encouraged to become involved in extracurricular

activities to extend their subject knowledge, develop their overall

quality, their practical skills and innovativeness. The guidance of

professors is available. To this end, a supportive environment has been

created by various clubs such as Literary, Opera, Communication,

magazines such as Sky of Youth, and different activities such as Opera

Art Week, Chinese Star Contest, Advertising Design Contest, and the DV

Contest. The effort has generated obvious benefit: students have earned

top prizes in a series of national events which include the Television

Host Competition, the University Students Film Festival, and the

University Students Advertising Art Competition.

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