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School of Environmental and Biological Engineering

The School offers five undergraduate programs in Applied

Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Techniques, Food Science and

Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Bio-Engineering for 1289

students as well as one postgraduate program in Environmental

Engineering for 50 students. Applied Chemistry has the distinction of

being commended as a Distinctive Program of Chongqing, and

Environmental Engineering is likewise distinguished as the Key

Discipline of CTBU.


The School highly values teaching quality and research.

Teaching quality has steadily progressed and improved. It has garnered

municipal-wide recognition as a “Finest Course---Principles of Chemical



The School has devoted time and energy to providing

hands-on opportunities by establishing and perfecting an internship

system which is inclusive of on- and off-campus resources. The

Experimental & Teaching Center for Chemistry and Biology

Technology, a special division committed to the job, houses labs for

Basics of Biology, Chemistry & Biology Technology, Environment

Science & Engineering, and Natural Medicine Research. They are

supplemented by twenty-three external internship sites jointly set up

with renowned businesses.


Students are encouraged to learn and compete in colorful

science-themed activities such as Environment Forum and Experimental

Skills Competition. Links with the business community provide students

the chance for on-site explorations with desired results.

Alumni, earning their alma mater a great deal of pride, have made their

marks in R&D and production jobs in such sectors as chemistry,

chemical engineering, materials, pharmaceuticals, light industry, food,

environmental, metallurgy, energy, agriculture, gardening, and more.

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