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School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School offers one postgraduate program in Statistics

and three undergraduate programs in Statistics, Mathematics &

Applied Mathematics, and Information & Computing Science. The

School has won awards for its excellent job in curriculum construction.

For example, the Statistics program has been selected for priority in

its future development by the Chongqing government. Hence, the

Statistics program ranks highly for its distinction within the

municipality of Chongqing.


The School is dedicated to nurturing its students’

scientific spirit, innovative awareness, overall quality and teamwork

and sharpens their competitiveness, ensures their physical and mental

health, enhances their versatility, and increases their adaptability.


While concentrating on studies, students are encouraged to

develop their innovative awareness and ability in a supportive and

well-organized environment that includes extracurricular scientific

programs. This effort is years-long in the making and has culminated in

seeing the School’s students achieve four national first awards and

sevensecond prizes, plus forty-two municipal prizes.

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