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School of Physical Education

The Physical Education School’s history dates back to

1981. It has evolved into one of the best sports education providers in

southwest China and boasts a complete set of facilities, high level

teaching, and excellent training quality.


The school offers a physical education program which is

designed to cultivate professionals for PE teaching, training,

competition, research, management in schools, and public sports



The school is proud of its sports facilities which

comprise 1 standard track-and-field ground, 2 football courts, 24

basketball and volleyball courts, 6 tennis courts as well as a

multi-purpose stadium and gyms for basketball, volleyball, table tennis

and calisthenics. Hence, all needs of sports teaching and training can

be satisfied.


A variety of top-level sports teams are the school’s pride.

The women’s volleyball team, in its thirteenth straight year as

winners of the Chongqing championship, made its way to the top eight in

the Chinese Varsity Volleyball League in 2006 and 2007. It competed in

the 6th, 7th and 8th National Varsity Sports Meets representing

Chongqing and was the only team from western China. The school also

excels in fields such as kung fu, swimming, calisthenics, basketball,

football, field and track, table tennis, badminton and tennis. Hence,

it was appointed the testing unit to develop high level athletes in the

volleyball and kung fu fields and was named by the China Varsity

Volleyball Association an Advanced School for the Development of

Varsity Volleyball Sports.

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