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Modern International Art & Design Academy

The School was established in 2003 as a MOE-accredited

joint venture between CTBU and the Netherlands-based FOUNDATION ISEC.

  The School incorporates western design concepts and

methods with Chinese culture and draws on the strengths of the

economics and management programs of CTBU.  The programs are designed

to cultivate high quality design professionals who think critically,

who adapt well to society, who possess great potential, and who hold an

international outlook.


The School boasts the following features:

1. It reaches out for strong international teaching

expertise. In recent years the school has invited more than 20 foreign

experts from Holland, the USA, Cuba, Japan and Israel. The experts have

worked for universities, design firms and other companies as

professors and artists.


2. Instruction introduces an international curriculum.

The School imports original foreign textbooks, and these are

supplemented by textbooks published by well-known domestic publishing

houses. The percentage of imported textbooks makes up 52% of the total.

3. The School provides an inspiring international

language environment. Major courses are taught in English, and students

are encouraged to communicate in English. English teaching is used

constantly to improve student mastery.

4. The School boasts advanced teaching, research and

practice facilities. The school is housed in a well-equipped 2800M2

building with multi-media classrooms, language labs, a library,

e-reading rooms, Apple and IBM CAD rooms, a digital input and output

center, a photography studio, an engraving studio, and other facilities

as well.

5. The School follows the “open approach.” Individual

attention is given to each student. The students are well instructed in

international design concepts and methods and are kept abreast of the

latest developments of the discipline. They are nourished by both

foreign and domestic design experiences and in turn promote the both.

The school works in collaboration with businesses to set up four

internship sites. Real world projects are introduced into workshop


6. The School attaches importance to international

cooperation and exchange. Excellent students are sent to top European

universities, enterprises, and design corporations for internships.

Four such internship sites are The Kampen (Zwolle) Visual Art Academy,

Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool Zeeland, and Total Identity.

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