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School of Business Planning

The School, the first of its kind in Chinese

universities, offered the earliest business planning program in China.

Great energy has been devoted to reform teaching methods over the years

with a view to creating a program that is highly compatible with the

social and economic development, consistent with the international

practice, and inclusive of production, education and research. The

School’s program has emerged as a widely known incubator for

professionals of marketing, business planning management, modern

logistics management, e-bussiness, technological economics, and its

management.The School offers one master’s degree program in

Enterprise Management, a program with two concentration options:

Marketing Management & Planning and Logistics Management &

E-Commerce. It offers four bachelor’s degree programs in Marketing,

Business Planning Management, Logistics Management, and E-Commerce.

There are extra options in Market Development and Marketing Management,

International Marketing, etc. Within the School are five teaching and

research sections with specializations in Marketing, Business Planning,

Logistics Management, E-Commerce and Applied Technology, as well as

four labs of different functions. The school draws on its expertise to

provide consultancy in marketing, logistics, creative industry, and

training for its customers.

The School has designed a rational and scientific

curriculum according to the latest education concepts. Awareness of

creativity and business planning is integrated into the teaching

process. Learning of theory is reinforced by practice. Different

teaching methods are applied to produce the best results such as case

study, project deduction, competence development, brainstorming. The

staff includes regular winners of academic prizes, ranging from

national, municipal to campus level. Armed with rationally-structured

and interdisciplinary knowledge, students demonstrate strong abilities

to adapt to the society, to take the initiative, and to solve problems.

They are innovative, quick thinking, perceptive, and ambitious.

Close cooperative links have been established with more than thirty

large and medium size enterprises as well as local governments.  These

links give the students an edge when seeking practice jobs for

internships as well as when seeking full-time jobs.

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