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School of Mechanic Engineering

One of the earliest schools in CTBU, the School has one of the very first Packaging Engineering programs in China.


The School offers eight programs for 1200 students in the

fields of Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechanical

Electronics, Mould Design, Mechantronics, Automobile Manufacturing

& Application, Packaging Structure Design & Manufacturing,

Packaging Decoration and Printing. The School aims to train students to

become high-level engineering and technological professionals who are

capable of product design, manufacturing, R&D, management and

marketing in the mechanical or packaging engineering sectors.


The School offers five teaching and research divisions:

Mechanical Basics, Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Mechanical

Manufacturing, Packaging Engineering and Experimental Teaching.

Moreover it hosts the Research Institute of Digital Product

Development, the Research Institute of Mechantronics Product

Development, the Research Institute of Green Packaging, the Research

Institute of Separators, the Center for Green Packaging Testing

Technology, the National 3-D CAD Education and Training Base, the

National Mechanical Engineer Training Base, and the Center for Waste

Oil Recycling Technology and Equipment.  All the institutes are

accredited by the MOE, Post-doctoral Research Station.

The School boasts twelve laboratories for different

functions such as the Mechanics of Materials, Metalography and Heat

Treatment, Mechanical Principles and Design, CAD, Mechanical

Engineering Testing Technology, Hydraulic Transmission, Mechantronics,

Transport Packaging, Packaging Material Testing, and Automobile

Structure. The School works hand in hand with large and medium sized

enterprises to set up sites for internships including Dongfeng Auto

Group, China No. 1 Tractor Group, Chongqing Machine Tool Group,

Chongqing Chang’an Group, ABB Chongqing, Chongqing Beer, Chongqing

Xinhua Printing Corp, etc.

Extracurricular activities are organized to develop students’ technical

abilities. The students have performed very admirably, winning top

awards several years in a row in the National Mechanical Innovative

Design Contests and Intelligent Auto Design Competitions.

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