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School of Computer Science and Information Engineering

The School offers six undergraduate

programs in Computer Science and Technology, Automation, Electronic

Information Engineering, Tracking Telemetry and Command, and Applied

Physics, and has an enrollment of 1800. The School is one of the

earliest schools of CTBU and began with the inception of its Automation

and Computer Application program in 1978.The School is one of the major providers of software

professionals in Chongqing, the location for National Software Testing

and NIT. The School boasts three hands-on teaching centers respectively

for Electronic Information and Control, Computer Application, and

Applied Physics. The center for Electronic Information and Control is

recognized as a model among its peers in Chongqing. Currently, the

School has allocated more than RMB20 million to hardware renovations

that feature an additional 30 labs and that provide easy access for

staff and students.

The School adheres to the strategy of invigorating its

programs through human resource development and has set up a research

team for the dynamic integration of talented people, education and

research. Up to now, there have been about 20 teachers going to

America, France, Japan and Switzerland for advanced study and academic

exchange. The School has established friendly and cooperative relations

with many famous foreign universities and institutes and employs

several academicians and professors.The School regards quality improvement of students as its

guideline. Hence, it focuses on fostering talented students who are

well developed morally, intellectually and physically, as well as who

have creativity and practical ability. Besides, it continues to improve

its teaching programme, its curriculum system and its hands-on

teaching links.  It also continues to strengthen scientific research

training, experiment and practice as well as to improve its practical

teaching links like course design, graduation project and thesis, etc.

The School actively encourages and instructs students to take part in

competitions which include national ACM programming, mathematical

modeling, electronic design, intelligent automobile design, etc, where

noticeable achievement has been made. The school has built a

cooperative base of production, teaching and research for joint

connection of teaching, industry and scientific research. Meanwhile, it

successfully cooperates with well-known enterprises at home and abroad

like HP China and Sichuan Changhong, etc., and has built steady

internship and training bases. In recent years, the number of students

who passed graduate school entrance examination has been increasing.

Finally, with solid theory, comprehensive professional knowledge, and

strong creativity and adaptability, the graduates are widely accepted

by employers.

The School has long regarded education as the dominant, subject-driven

construction that leads from typical interests and research to prominent

achievements.  Among those achievements are awards in Intelligent

Signal Processing and Testing Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern

Recognition and Image Treatment, Modern Detecting, Embedded System and

its Application, and Optical Engineering.

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