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School of Foreign Languages and Literature

The School offers English (with concentrations in

Economy & Trade and Translation) and French programs primarily and

several other languages as well.


The School boasts a contingent of well-qualified,

pioneering and innovative staff who are committed to teaching of

English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, etc.


The School aims to lay a solid language foundation for

the students, to hone their communication skills and to develop their

cultural awareness in order to prepare them for the challenges of

translation, research, teaching, and management careers in the sectors

of foreign languages, trade, tourism, education, culture, etc.


The School creates a supportive environment in which the

students can develop an all-round character through extra-curricular

activities. There are annual events including English Skills, English

and French Speaking contests. The Chongqing English Speaking Contests,

the National Varsity English Competitions, and the Simulated UN Contests

are arenas where students have competed with their peers locally and

nationally and have swept top prizes, proudly asserting themselves as

excellent not only locally and regionally but nationally. The students

did very impressive jobs as volunteers in the meeting sessions of

Association of Asia-Pacific Parliament and Asia-Pacific City Summit.

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