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International Business School

The International Business School (IBS for short) was

established in 2000 as a MOE-accredited joint venture between CTBU and

reputable foreign universities. It is the first program of its kind in

the southwest region of China. It now serves as a window on CTBU’s

globalization effort and as a symbol of its multi-dimensional and

multi-level cooperation with its foreign partners.IBS is home to more than 1300 full-time undergraduate

students who register in the Sino-Canadian Program (concentrating on

Social Economic Management and Economic Management) or in the

Sino-French Program (concentrating on Management and Organization

Research). The students will have double bachelor degrees conferred

upon them after successful completion of domestic and overseas studies.

Other students who are not able to spend time abroad in the 4 years of

their university study will take up International Economics and Trade,

Marketing, Business Administration, French and Accounting. IBS offers

overseas students from its partner universities a masters degree

program in Chinese Economy and Management. IBS has hosted 20 foreign

students in this program so far.

The school boasts a contingent of highly-competent

teaching staff who have a good command of French language and who cover

a wide range of disciplines. Many teachers can give bi-lingual

lectures. They are joined each year by 4 to 6 long-term foreign

instructors and more than 10 visiting professors from partner

universities. This helps IBS maintain its international color.


IBS graduates can find jobs of their interest in a broad

span of businesses and have won a wide reputation due to their sound

overall qualications and wide range of knowledge. Among its 800 alumni,

most are assigned with important responsibilities in banks,

foreign-funded enterprises, education institutions, and government



Student activities aim at creating a diverse and

international atmosphere. The students have numerous chances to join in

an array of activities such as French Corner, English Corner, speech

contests, opera shows, and International Affairs Volunteers Association,

just to name a few.


With a floor space of 5 thousand square meters, the

fully-equipped IBS building is an ideal environment for students to

pursue their studies. The student-run IBS Coffee Bar attracts many

students and teachers for its lovely view and distinctive worldly


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