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School of Management

The School has 1970 undergraduate students and 114 graduate students respectively pursuing their bachelor or master degrees in five programs including Business Administration, Public Affairs Administration, Information Management & Information System, Human Resource Management, and Engineering Management. In Chongqing several CTBU Management courses are well recognized. They include Enterprise Management which ranks as one of the key disciplines of Chongqing. Business Administration is one of the signature programs, and it is seen as a Distinctive Program in Chongqing. The Management course is also recognized as a Finest Course of Chongqing. Another six courses including Strategy Management have enjoyed priority development by the university. 

The School houses the Center for Enterprise Management Reseach and the Center for Chongqing Development Information Engineering and Technology, as well as the labs specialized in management information system and simulated management. Broad contacts with the business circle ensure tremendous internship opportunities, and agreements are signed with dozens of widely known enterprises so that practice job posts are accessible whenever needed. The School provides an inspiring and encouraging culture with various activities. The reputation of the Business Start-up Forum has gone beyond the campus. Students demonstrate a sharp competitive edge in job market.

The School constantly refines its course setup and makes teaching a central emphasis. The School aims to equip students with systematic management theories and sound practical skills. To achieve that goal, the school strives to step up teaching reform, to attract top-notch talent, and further to improve the staff’s research and teaching abilities.

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