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School of Accounting

The School offers two undergraduate programs in Accounting and Financial Management and one postgraduate program in Accounting. There are currently 1400 students. The School’s program is composed of four teaching and research sections: Basic Accounting, Finance Accounting, Accounting of Particular Area., and Public Accounting.  Additionally the School has two labs for Simulated Finance & Accounting and Finance & Accounting Computing, and the Research Institute of Modern Accounting.

Research is given high priority and aims to create a strong academic atmosphere. The research interest concentrates on accounting codes, accounting mechanism, financial management, capital operation, accounting in government and non-profit organizations. The research effort has produced fruitful results by exploring the forefront of disciplines, constructing scientific and rational accounting theory and method system, and solving practical problems.  

The School inspires students with the vision of whole person.  Students develop a positive attitude towards life by working diligently and demonstrating strong competitiveness. They also learn practical abilities and creativity through research projects under the guidance of the professors. The inauguration of the Accounting Research Association and the Accounting Forum serves this goal. Students show great enthusiasm in research and have published over 2400 papers, many of which have drawn national attention.

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