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School of Economics

The School offers four undergraduate programs in Economics, Trade Economy, International Economy and Trade and Exhibition Economics. Likewise the School has one postgraduate program in Industrial Economics. Undergraduate programs aim to develop the student’s positive outlook, upright character, social adaptability, practical abilities and creativity. Students will graduate with modern economic theories, basic commercial knowledge, basic skills of exhibition operation and management, commercial laws and regulations and foreign language skills. They will be ready to step into the commercial and trade business.


The postgraduate program is expected to foster the student’s capabilities of scientific research, policy analysis, economic administration and higher education so that they can take up jobs related to industrial economics.


The School comprises six teaching and research divisions: International Economy and Trade, Western Economics, Trade Economy, Exhibition Economy and Management, Political Economics and Econometrics. It is also home to three high-level research institutes, i.e. the Chongqing Quantitative Economics Society, the Chongqing Association of Das Kapital, and the Socialist Market Economy and Research Center for the Development of Nan’an District of Chongqing.

The school spares no effort in providing the best service and creating the most desirable learning atmosphere to involve the students in various extracurricular activities. Students from the School have won more than 200 awards in the past years.

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