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Research Center of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Biology


The Research Center for Pharmaceutical Chemistry &

Chemical Biology was established in 2002, and it was acclaimed a

“Chongqing key laboratory of the municipal level” by Chongqing

Municipal Education Committee in 2004. The laboratory has different

functional lab sections to meet a variety of research purposes,

including pharmaceutical chemistry, natural medicine screening,

molecular biology, cellular biology, medicine synthesis, and electric



Laboratory conditions

The laboratory covers an area of 900 square metres and

houses many high precision instruments. The equipment of the laboratory

meets the need for pharmacological study and pharmacology research

into animal, cellular, and molecular biology and has attained a leading

position in China.

Research Fields:

1. High ThroughputScreeningof Natural Medicine

2. Chemical Biology Research

3. Pharmacological Research

4. Innovative Medicine Design and Drug Synthesis

Research Achievements:

Historically, the Center has published forty-seven research papers

nineteen of which were included by SCI and three by EI. The center has

applied for six national patents and three have been granted.

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