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Engineering Research Centre for Waste Oil Recovery Technology and Equipment, Ministry of Education

The Centre specializes in the research of the basic

characteristics of waste oil along with its testing and analysis

technology, of waste oil recycling and pollution control, of waste oil

recycling equipment and system integration, and of the development and

application of catalytic and functional materials. Under the leadership

of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education

and the Chongqing Municipal Education Committee and drawing on the

academic resources of Chongqing Technology and Business University, the

Centre was established and constructed with cooperation from the

Technological Development Corporation of CTBU, the Chongqing Chuanyu

Environmental Protection Equipment Co. LTD. and the Chongqing Lida

Environmental Protection Corporation.

     The Centre has 5200 square meters

of floor space and contains offices, labs, training rooms, and

production facilities. It is equipped with more than 200 pieces of

apparatus and equipment, and enjoys an annual budget worth RMB 15

million. The research team of the Centre is strongly creative,

cross-disciplinary, and includes experts who are skilled in theory and

in technology and application. The team has produced fruitful

innovations and has created many industrial products.

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