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Research Centre of the Economy of the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River

The CTBU Research Centre of the Economy of the Upper

Reaches of Yangtze River was established in September 2002 as a

replacement of the former Regional Economy Research Institute of CTBU.

The Centre is an academic research institute composed of famous

professors and scholars in Chongqing whose mission is “to organize the

professors and scholars of science, engineering, management, and liberal

arts at CTBU and to carry out research on multi-level, systemic and

comprehensive theories and policies confronting the crucial issues in

the economic development of Chongqing Municipality and Upper Reaches of

Yangtze River.  The Centre conducts research projects, cooperates in

related research and carries out academic exchanges in order to provide

a scientific basis for major decision-making of Chongqing municipal


In recent years, with research reform as the direction, the Centre has

established a knowledge innovation mechanism and has enriched theories

of regional economic development on the basis of application research. A

research system has been formed that features broad research scope and

conspicuous emphasis on projects such as the Development of the Western

Regions of China, the Economic Development of the Upper Reaches of

Yangtze River, the Economic Development of Chongqing, and the

Sustainable Development of Three Gorges Reservoir as the dominant

research subjects. The Centre has combined and integrated such subjects

as regional economics, industrial economics, urban economics,

resources economics and more in order to make the research more

scientific and practical. Historically the Centre has undertaken 120

research projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels, won

16 provincial and national awards for scientific research achievement,

and published 228 research papers and 18 academic books. Now the Centre

has shaped its own characteristic imprint and demonstrated the

advantages of its research on the economic development of Three Gorges

Reservoir, on industrial structure adjustment, and on industrial

development and urbanization research, all of which have had fruitful

research results. It has also won favorable social comments for its

significant contribution to local economic development and to shared

expertise with the municipal government on management and


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