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CTBU has been taking the construction of strong faculty a strategic task and making continous efforts in the introduction, recruitment and training of talents. The programs of “1000-talents Plan”, “Liangjiang Scholar” and “Bayu Scholar” established by Chinese government or Chongqing municipal government offer positions to the distinguished professors or senior scholars worldwide. Since the establishment, CTBU has been sparing no effort in creating a favorable teaching and research environment for the faculty.  


Meanwhile, CTBU boasts a group of qualified and dedicated foreign teachers on the campus. They come from more than 10 different countries and bring the cultures of their home country, which makes the CTBU campus more international. Their presence makes CTBU students more exposed to foreign languages, foreign cultures and foreign outlook. They are the inseparable members of the CTBU community. Their efforts have been acknowledged by the Chinese staff and students and the government as well, embodied in the respect shown and awards presented to them.   


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